California Dental Network Plan 595
This is our hottest selling plan on the market!

NO Deductibles!
NO Waiting Period to see a Dentist!
NO Annual Maximums!

Orthodontics are included

$0 Copay for cleanings, exams and x-rays (2x/yr)

Full Coverage since 1999.

Individual   $18.95/month

Couple        $28.95/month

Family         $39.95/month

Plus a (1) time enrollment fee of $10 - $20
for the 1st month only.

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New Dental Choice Membership
Save 15% to 60% off what you would normally pay

Not Insurance!

Over 31,000 Dentists in CA
Low membership fees

Nationwide Access to over 100,000 locations
No paperwork of any kind

Low Cost Dental Plan

Individual   $8.00/month

Family         $10.00/month

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Delta Dental HMO CAA54
Annual Payment up Front HMO Delta Dental Plan

NO Deductibles
Office Visit - $10

Cleanings - $20

Fillings $25 - $120
Orthodontics are included

Rates are approximate:

Individual   $91.80/year

Couple        $148.53/year

Family         $217.56/year

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Blue Shield PPO Dental 50-1250
This is the best value PPO in California!

$50 Deductible In-Network
$150 Deductible Out-of-Network
12 Month Waiting Period for Major Work
$1,250 Annual Maximum
50% Coverage for Major Restorative
$0 Copay for cleanings, exams and x-rays (2x/yr)
   as long as you are in network.
80% coverage for cleanings, exams, etc. out of network

Adults      $43.50/month (ages 26 & up)
Kids          $33.90/month (ages 0 - 25)

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CC DPPO Summary

CC DHMO Summary

50/2000 is $53.10 for Kids and $68.50 for Adults.